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special branches district crime branch

District special branches:-

A Unit named as District Special Branch is attached to the District Police Office. It is directly under the control of the Superintendent of police. It has to collect intelligence concerning political, communal, social, students, labours, Naxal activities, criminal and any other matters of importance. In this section, there are one Inspector, one Sub-Inspector and three Assistant Sub-Inspector assisted by 13 Head Constables

District Crime Record Bureau:-

There is a District Crime Record Bureau working under the direct control of the Superintendent of Police at Shivamogga. It serves as the agency for collecting particulars about crimes and criminals and for maintaining records about them and it disseminates the information to police officers in and outside the district. In this section, there isOne Deputy Superintendent of Police, one Police Inspector, one Sub-Inspector, assisted by five Head Constables.

District Crime and Intelligence Bureau:-

This unit is working under the direct supervision of the Supdt.of Police, which would collect intelligence and take, action regarding gambling, prostitution, drugs and other social elements. They are also supposed to work regarding offences of special importance and investigation of murder, dacoity and other sensational cases which are undetected. This unit is headed by a police inspector. He is assisted by a complement of civil head constables.

Finger Print Unit:-

This Wing is headed by an officer of the rank of Police Inspector. He is assisted by 01 Police sub-Inspector, 1 Civil Head Constable, 02 Civil Constables. This wing is working directly under the control of Addl. Supdt.of Police. It mainly deals with visiting scene of offence in theft cases and important cases.

District armed reserve police:-

There are two district armed reserve police force in this district. One is located at Bhadravathi headed by 1 RPI and another at Shivamogga headed by DSP(DAR).DAR Bhadravathi is headed by an officer of the rank of RPI who is working under the supervision of DSP(DAR) Shivamogga. DSP(DAR) Shivamogga who is head of the district armed reserve and is assisted by 02 RPIs, 08 RSIs, 62 ARSIs, 155 AHC's and 313 APC's. This unit is providing standing guards, escorts, and striking force in emergent law and order situations.

Motor Transport Section:-

This wing is placed at DAR, Shivamogga and is functioning under the Supervision of DSP (DAR) consisting of AHC Mechanic, AHC drivers, APC drivers, APC Motor cycle riders, APC mechanic and APC Cleaners. Motor vehicle section will look after the repairs and maintenance of all the Police Vehicles of the District

Police Control Room:-

Control room is the nerve center for all communication purposes of Shivamogga district Police. Police Inspector rank officer is in charge for this unit . It acts as a medium of communication between the Superintendent of Police and his subordinate officers. The communications among the police in Shivamogga district is monitored here for 24 hours.

The other main functions performed at the control room are:
  • Traffic management cell: A traffic management cell is present within the control room. Monitoring of CCTV cameras located at 110 locations in town is done here.
  • A tracking station present within the control room where GPS tracking of all the vehicles owned by the Police of Shivamogga district is done
  • In case of an emergency the public can contact the control room by dialling 100 on their phones. The control room then informs about the emergency to the nearest police station from where the call originated.
  • Fax messages from the Superintendent of police to any police station with in jurisdiction of Shivamogga district is sent out from the control room
  • It also helps to establish a wireless communication medium during bandobast, VIP visit or any other important and special occasions which require police security.

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